Catalina Santelices Brunel
Ecofeminist and Co-Founder of Latinas por el Clima

Sorority, in a feminist way of understanding, proposes a relationship between women based on support, listening, respect, reciprocity and collectivity, to overcome the patriarchal idea that the worst enemy of a woman is another woman, and create community.

Patriarchy creates a rivalry between women, perpetuates gender inequality and the oppression of some over others, including nature, preventing us from moving forward together in protecting the earth and implementing the solutions that we need for climate action.

It is a concept that has evolved and has become, at least in the Latin American reality, a key idea to empower women and build equal societies based on sisterhood, to create bonds and act together to defend our communities from, mostly, man-made problems.

With this sisterhood, we can unite to fight the climate crisis from an ecofeminist perspective, understanding that patriarchy and capitalism are the reason for the multidimensional crisis that we face. As women, especially in the global south, are the most affected by climate change and need each other to face it as quickly and effectively as possible to change our reality and the society's mindset.

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Xiye Bastida and Ayisha Siddiqa embrace in a powerful moment of mutual support after addressing a crowd of over 100,000 marching in Glasgow for urgent climate action ahead of COP26. Glasgow, Scotland, 2021.
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