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Executive Director at Global Commission on the Economics of Water and Senior Fellow at the World Resources Institute

“The Climate Words initiative has the ambition to bridge the many divides and lock-ins in our world. At every scale. Cultures, borders, economies and environmental systems are complex and in their interdependencies even more complex. The lock-ins we face in overcoming our massive challenges demands we understand these complexities and systemic interdependencies to be able to truly value our resources and social and cultural capital, and define pathways, solutions and the realization of these at scale and speed. Understanding in our cultures comes with words and symbols: literature, documentary, photography, imagination.

Climate Words is on a mission to build a new library for the world. A beyond imagination re-envisaged Babylonical landscape, where the interpretation and diversified meaning of the words become a tissue for understanding one another. Across our manmade borders, bridging divides and building a collective understanding, a true common language to face our future with hope.

Climate Words creates a true safe spaces where the differences are valued as diversity and where that complexity is faces, understood and captured as way to pave pathways for an inclusive, just, sustainable and resilient future.”

February 2, 2024

Climate Advisor to UN Secretary General, Co-Founder of Polluters Out, Human Rights and Environmental Justice Advocate and TIME 100 Women of the Year 2023

“Climate literacy or climate education for that matter, is survival education. Climate concepts should be available to everyone who is living through the Anthropocene. Climate Words has done an incredible job at democratizing this education and making complex ideas accessible, through their digital platform. I myself have learned so much and for this I am grateful.”

February 6, 2024

JURY 2023
The World Around Young Climate Prize

"Super compelling, interesting, dynamic, and powerful. Finding the right words and common definitions for talking about climate change, and, importantly, educating around these terms, is an invaluable tool, since creating accessible language can and will lead to definitive action. Pamela's project has the potential to achieve great things beyond the world of art, and to become highly impactful in reality."

April 22, 2023



Tatiana Kaletsch


Re-Earth Initiative

The RE!Earthing the Planet project is designed to distribute grants to deserving organisations working to empower their communities and create a positive impact on the environment.


Arc'teryx New York

Patagonia Brooklyn

Entertainment + Culture Pavilion

Le Botaniste




Atmos Financial


Young Climate Voice 2023

Awarded by The World Around, the prize follows is a biannual hybrid award and mentorship program for talented and visionary under-25s who have their own climate-change design project.