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Newsletter by Oluwatona Campbell

Reading Thistle copy

Climate Words has built a team of communicators, artists, researchers, and activists across three continents to help launch a first-of-its-kind digital climate lexicon.

Two years ago, at COP26 in Glasgow, Valentin Abend and Pamela EA founded Climate Words to address the challenges our movements face around the way we discuss climate.

Climate Words was founded with the belief that building shared understanding and elevating the voices of frontline leaders could mobilise action across our movements. Recognising that the climate crisis is undoubtedly complex and difficult to understand for many, our work aims to build an accessible platform that promotes effective climate communication.

We plan to release updated definitions, research, storytelling pieces, and visual multimedia to bridge the gap between climate knowledge and action.

The Climate Words’ four pillars WORDS, BOOKS, STORIES, and EVENTS aim to provide our climate movement with a living community and platform to inspire thoughtful action.

We hope that Lexicon becomes an important part of your month.