Board of Advisors


Lucia Pietroiusti2

Lucia Pietroiusti is Head of Ecologies at Serpentine, London. As a curator, programmer and organisational strategist, she works at the intersection of art, ecology and systems, often outside of the exhibition space. Ecologies at Serpentine is a holistic, integrated and adaptive initiative and department aimed at embedding environmental responsibility throughout Serpentine’s infrastructure, operations, networks and programming. It evolved out of the General Ecology project, which Pietroiusti founded at Serpentine in 2018 and which featured research, commissions, programming, radio and long-term, networked initiatives.


Isaias Hernandez1

Isaias Hernandez is an educator and creative devoted to improving environmental literacy through content creation, storytelling, and public engagements.

Isaias is more commonly known by his moniker, Queer Brown Vegan: the independent media platform he started to bring intersectional environmental education to all. His journey to deconstruct complex issues, while centering diversity and authenticity, has resonated with a worldwide audience. He also collaborates with other leaders from the private and public sectors to uplift and produce stories of change for his independent web series. Isaias has been featured in several noteworthy publications, including Vogue, New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and Yale Climate Communications.


Kasper Florio

Kasper-Florio is an award-winning graphic design studio, founded by Larissa Kasper and Rosario Florio, based in St.Gallen, Switzerland. They co-run Jungle Books, an independent publishing house specialising in contemporary visual arts.


20201117 Pete Ward 755 Copy

Pete Ward is the founder of the Psychodynamic Strategy Group, a consultancy for leadership assessment, development and strategy.

Pete began his career as a rock climbing rescue ranger and then studied the mathematics of Neuroscience at university. Looking for the greatest possible positive impact, Pete brought that combination of intellectual rigor and a commitment to results into the business world where he has led companies across several different industries in both the for profit and nonprofit spaces.


Kristian Nammack, Business Advisor

Jessica Wilson, Fundraising Advisor