Sandra Niessen
Author, Anthropologist and Defashion Activist

Post-Fashion denotes a future world in which the currently dominant Fashion system is dismantled. The Fashion system is unsustainable, growth-oriented and constructed to profit from the universal human need to dress. It is also a colonial throwback representing the proliferation (globalization) of a Western system of dress to the detriment of all other systems of dress supported by different economic systems.

Post-Fashion implies that there are alternatives in place: a pluriverse of sustainable, clothing traditions. Some alternatives are already available in the form of Indigenous systems. These require nurturing and must be provided with room to survive in the face of the current expanding Fashion system. Other alternatives need to be constructed in local, historically-grounded, culturally-relevant, earth-friendly ways. This will ensure the obsolescence of the current Fashion system.

Post-Fashion is being spear-headed by activism. Initiatives like farm-to-fashion and fibershed(s) are leading the way.

Pamela EA Postfashion

A meticulously crafted huipil, woven on a backstrap loom in San Juan Colorado. Oaxaca, Mexico, 2023.
Photography By Pamela EA