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Am I Too Old to Save the Planet?: A Boomer's Guide to Climate Action

Lawrence Schick MacDonald

Think you've waited too long to do something about climate change? Think again. Am I Too Old to Save the Planet? A Boomer's Guide to Climate Action explains how America's most promising generation allowed climate change to become a planetary emergency—and what to do about it now. A former foreign correspondent and vice president of the World Resources Institute, Lawrence MacDonald shares his journey to becoming a passionate climate activist. Packed with practical advice, his book invites fellow boomers to join the growing global movement to save the planet. “This small book is a gem of great it will turn more of us older Americans from complainers and worriers into people who are fixing the problems that assail us. It makes a powerful case for generational action; if the kids can do it so can we!" Bill McKibben, Th!rdAct founder and author of The Flag, the Cross and the Station Wagon “MacDonald's timely handbook on the climate crisis not only offers concrete steps we can take as individuals but, importantly, invites us to join with others to bring about the systemic change that is needed.” Helen Stoltzfus, Playwright, Performer, Co-Artistic Director, Black Swan Arts & Media “I couldn't put this book down. MacDonald brings moral clarity and practical know-how to the urgent boomers can and should do more to fight climate change. Be careful, this book could change your life.” Mike Tidwell, Director, Chesapeake Climate Action Network